Financial Engineering

Effective Capital meets your specific needs with a tailor-made analysis and valuation of your company.

A strong experience
with a great understanding of the markets

We will provide you with a valuation that is tailored to your specific needs that will be determined using solid research and analysis, a sound understanding of financial theory, a clear understanding of markets and proven methodologies. It is imperative that you appoint knowledgeable and experienced professionals that will help you understand your business value. A thorough valuation is essential when receiving sell-side advisory to help investors see the value of your company and achieve value maximization.

Effective Capital also provides financial fairness opinions to Boards of Directors, management, trustees and other fiduciaries in order verify the financial fairness of a pending transaction.

As independent analysts, we are capable of supporting our opinions through meticulous research, detailed financial analysis and in-depth documentation that is free from conflicts of interest.

Effective Capital offers business valuations and fairness opinions to its clients both in France and in the United States. A business valuation is a process and set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of a business or company. Fairness opinions are third-party evaluations composed of an adviser’s opinion and an independent objective analysis as to the fairness of the financial terms of a corporate transaction.

Area of expertise

Fair and independent analysis

We are not a stakeholder in the transaction and can therefore provide a fair and unbiased opinion by considering various options.

Broad expertise

We advise on all financial packages thanks to our business experience: senior debt, mezzanine debt or other financial solutions.

International expertise


International Operations





“After having advised ADC group on its OBO, Ilan Elbase and his team have been working with us for more than 2 years on our external growth projects. Their expertise and the complementarity of the services offered are unique in France”
Fabien Bertini, CEO L’atelier des compagnons