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At Effective Capital, our relationships with buyers are clear and uncompromised, allowing our seasoned advisors and principals to commit wholeheartedly to achieving your objectives.

We stand by you from the initial handshake to the final signature, striving not only to meet but to surpass your expectations and set new standards in valuation during these monumental milestones. Whether selling, financing or merging a company, it demands astute acumen and stringent financial discipline qualities that define our firm.

We serve as your steadfast navigator through the stormy waters of business transactions, ensuring every step is marked by our unwavering dedication to experience, integrity, and the utmost discretion.

Deal Team

Ilan Elbase


Ilan Elbase is the Founding and Managing Partner of Effective Capital, leading the firm’s US and Europe operations since December 2011. With over 20 years of advisory experience and expertise in areas such as Venture Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Private Placement, Ilan has closed over 60 deals.

In addition to his role at Effective Capital, Ilan serves as the Managing Partner at Anise Capital and is the President & Curator of The Aisen Foundation. He used to hold board positions in Unlimitd, Feeligo, Agorastore, and JimmyFairly.com

Ilan actively supports European and French private equity by assisting in the identification of strategic targets for their portfolio companies. His expertise and guidance contribute to the success of these investment endeavors.

With a commitment to making a positive impact, Ilan Elbase continues to excel in the financial services industry, demonstrating a strong focus on cross-border deals and American culture.

Led by Ilan Elbase, we offer global support through our various international offices, providing a seamless experience during your transaction. With a remarkable group of deal team members at your service, we ensure a smooth journey throughout the entire process.

Leveraging our specialized Advisors expertise, our approach doesn’t just facilitate transactions—we craft bespoke pathways to success, meticulously embedding Ilan Elbase’s and our advisors’ shared vision into every aspect of the transaction, ensuring a distinguished and flawless conclusion.

Senior Advisors

Effective Capital partners with Subject Matter Entrepreneurs (“SMEs”) to accelerate success, delivering the best vertical

Fabien Bertini

President and co-founder
of Groupe BMF
#Hospitality #Explore #SeniorAdvisory

Jonathan Zisermann

of Tagadamedia
#Media #Content #SeniorAdvisory

Olivier Hatuel

at Synchroteam
#Software #CodeMagic #SeniorAdvisory

François Pichon

at Synchroteam
#Software #Coding #SeniorAdvisory

Julien Zerbib

CEO and Cofounder
of Unlimitd
#Fintech #Technology #SeniorAdvisory

Benjamin Zenou

Strategic Advisor
at SimpliField
#AI #Software #SeniorAdvisory

Nathanael Cohen

CEO and CO-Founder
of Modani Furniture Read
#Retail #Furniture #SeniorAdvisory

Effective Capital is constantly looking for new talents and motivated individuals to join its team and take part in its missions.

If you are interested in joining us for a permanent position, please attach your CV or send it directly to hr@effective-capital.com