Effective Capital and VentureOutNY are currently accompanying selected French start-ups in New York to settle in the Big Apple or open a branch in order to tackle the American market. The leaders of the selected companies will have the opportunity this week to meet venture capital funds, lawyers, incubators and successful entrepreneurs set up there and attend the famous NY Tech Meetup where they could contact US investors.

Selected start-ups:

  1. Sellsy: CRM / ERP solution for SMEs offering all the necessary functionalities for sales management: CRM oriented pipelines, invoicing and quotation, timetracking, collaborative work, helpdesk, procurement tracking And inventory management.
  2. Apila: mobile app that connects people who need a place to park their car with people who leave their parking space.
  3. Babbler: offers its own B2B social platform. Media can access targeted content and quickly access visuals, technical specifications and other useful information.
  4. Teemeo: develops web and mobile applications designed to simplify the daily work of its users. The company intends to reinvent the Professional Information Systems by creating those of tomorrow: simpler, more adaptable, more efficient.
  5. Meludia: proposes an original and fun way to learn music. This new pedagogy has been developed and refined with 3000 musicians of all styles and levels.
  6. Somhome: free platform designed as a dating site to facilitate apartment searches and get great deals.
  7. SendMeLove SAS: offers an exportable gift button on the internet, similar to the donate buttons of Paypal, Flattr or Zegive.
  8. Jarvis Software: allows lawyers and their employees to access their information wherever they are, regardless of their equipment.
  9. The Art Place: the first universal, digital and social community in the art market.
  10. Bobler: the first vocal social media. It allows to record and listen to “bubbles”, that is to say audio clips of maximum two minutes geolocated on the map of the world.
  11. Content Square: offers a solution to test and analyze the itinerary of Internet users to help e-commerce sites improve their ergonomics.