Unlimitd, a leading player in digital financing in France, announces a significant milestone with the entry of Absolute Capital Partners (“ACP”) into its capital, marking the beginning of a strategic partnership. As part of the launch of its corporate debt acHvity, ACP, previously specialized in alternaHve real estate debt, becomes the majority shareholder of Unlimitd. This partnership provides Unlimitd with a financing capacity of up to 100 million euros, propelling its expansion in the European ecommerce financing market.

Unlimitd, a major player in digital financing in France

Founded in July 2021 by Julien Zerbib, Unlimitd quickly established itself as a leading player in financing digital businesses (e-commerce and marketplace resellers) in the French market. In 18 months, Unlimitd has deployed over 30 million euros to several hundred companies, offering targeted products, particularly in inventory and advertising expense financing.

In an economic landscape where access to financing is narrowing, Unlimitd provides a nondilutive alternative, adjusting repayments based on the companies’ turnover. Leveraging powerful technology and fully digitalized processes, Unlimitd rapidly assesses credit risk and delivers tailored financing offers in less than 48 hours.

A strategic partnership fueling Unlimitd’s European growth in the ecommerce market

With the financial and strategic support of ACP, Unlimitd’s management team aims to significantly accelerate its growth in France and expand its services to Europe in 2024. This strategic partnership enables Unlimitd to have a financing capacity of up to 100 million euros over the next 12 months.

This progress is based on a strategic shift toward the e-commerce market, a sector in constant evolution with complex challenges in payments and financing. Unlimitd now positions itself as the essential growth partner for e-commerce businesses, offering flexible and customized financial solutions, ranging from inventory financing to advertising budgeting, instant financing for B2B purchase orders, and cash flow bridges for marketplace resellers.

Unlimitd plays a dual essential role, serving as both a financing platform and a growth accelerator for its clients. It now provides personalized support in the use of financing, leveraging a network of partners specialized in the e-commerce ecosystem.

Rudy Boukhris and Jérémie Hazan, co-founders of ACP, state: ‘With Unlimitd, we are convinced that we have identified one of the best lending platforms in the market, equipped with robust technology, a strong brand, and an ambitious team.’

Michael Cohen, co-founder of ACP, adds: ‘This partnership opens up exciting new perspectives. Unlimitd’s business will benefit from numerous synergies with ACP and will integrate perfectly into the group through our Venture Lending Business Unit.’

Julien Zerbib, CEO and founder of Unlimitd, concludes: ‘This deal marks a new milestone for Unlimitd. With the operational and financial support of ACP, we are giving ourselves the means to achieve our ambitions, better serve our entrepreneurial clients, invest in technology, and become the benchmark for e-commerce financing in Europe.

Working with Ilan Elbase has been an wonderful experience, marked by his exceptional strategic insight, unwavering commitment, and unparalleled expertise in navigating complex business landscapes. Ilan’s visionary leadership at Effective Capital has not only propelled our venture to new heights but also ensured a seamless and successful partnership. His dedication to our entrepreneurial journey and his invaluable contributions have played a pivotal role in the realization of our goals.

— Julien Zerbib (Seller)

About Absolute Capital Partners

Absolute Capital Partners (‘ACP’) is an asset management company founded in 2010 and authorized by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) under the registration number GP19000007. Managing a portfolio of over 8 billion euros in advised assets, ACP stands as one of the leading French entities in alternative financing for real estate professionals. For more information, please visit www.absolutecap.com

About Unlimitd

Unlimitd is a financing platform based on the Revenue Based Financing (RBF) model. Fast, without personal guarantees, and without capital dilution, this financing model, born in the United States, is experiencing rapid growth in Europe. Unlimitd currently finances the growth of e-commerce businesses, supporting their advertising expenses, managing inventory, and providing dedicated financing for marketplace receivables. Launched in July 2021, Unlimitd has successfully raised over 20 million euros in seed funding and has supported more than two hundred financed companies. Its founder, Julien Zerbib, brings expertise from both the banking sector (former UBS) and private equity (co-founder of Haussmann Venture). For more information, visit www.unlimitd.com

About Effective Capital

Established in 2012 by Ilan Elbase, Effective Capital is a Franco-American consultancy specializing in entrepreneurial issues. It engages in M&A operations and fundraising in both France and the United States through offices in Miami and New York. Effective Capital adopts an innovative approach to financial consulting by providing a comprehensive vision in service to entrepreneurs and the success of their projects. The consultancy also supports numerous investment funds in external growth searches in European and North American markets.

Operation Stakeholders

  • Seller: Unlimitd, Julien Zerbib
  • Buyer: Absolute Capital Partners, Rudy Boukhris, Jérémie Hazan, Michael Cohen
  • M&A Advisory for the Seller (Cédant): EFFECTIVE CAPITAL, Ilan Elbase, Anthony Berrebi