Project Description

Fundimmo, a crowdfunding platform specializing in real estate, is  coming to the end of nearly €1,000,000 capital increase to accelerate its development. A pool of investors made up of real estate professionals and 3 business angels joint the team of the two founders.

Funds to support its growth and development

This fund-raising will enable Fundimmo to pursue the strengthening of its teams, with sales representatives in the regions to better accompany local developers and thus build a strong network throughout France. These funds are also used to optimize Fundimmo’s marketing and communication strategy, in particular by launching a roadshow program throughout the country.

“We are raising the profile of Fundimmo through partnerships with real estate developers and financial investors” explains Jérémie Benmoussa, Managing Director and co-founder of Fundimmo.

“This fundraising will help accelerate our diversification of Fundimmo’s real estate business and offering” explains Stéphane Bombon, president and co-founder.