Synchroteam has developed for 20 years a Software as a Service (SaaS) dedicated to maintenance technicians to optimize their interventions. The founders Olivier Hatuel and François Pichon have built a significant player in the Field Service Management sector in France and overseas.

The software is continuously updated to fit the very need of every worker on the way and take care of all their requirements during their interventions, from planning to billing. Revenues rise increasingly thanks to their competitive model SaaS and a growing market that enable them to keep investing in their expansion in the US.

The financial operation aims at giving more autonomy to the founders and results in the exit of the historical minority investor.

Conquer Americas at the core of their development strategy

Effective Capital has supported Synchroteam executives for five years. It is happy to contribute to their development through their internationalization and resulted in the opening of their offices in the US in 2018. Synchroteam benefited the network and expertise of the Miami office of Effective Capital to enter the US market.

Ilan Elbase, Managing Director, followed the city’s evolution and especially its entrepreneurial dynamism in the last few years:

«The city is the cultural and economic center of the Americas; numerous entrepreneurs move there and shape Miami’s dynamic environment. The label “FrenchTech” obtained by the French Tech community, which I am part of, shows that the city and Miami’s dynamism is more than ever one of the Tech portals of the Americas markets.»

Olivier Hatuel, Co-founder of Synchroteam :

«Effective Capital gave us the benefit of its global network of relationships worldwide to successfully internationalize and develop our business to the next level. Thanks to their know-how, we have saved precious time and resources and minimized the risks. We can only recommend this highly qualified professional team.»

Operation participants:

  • Client : Olivier Hatuel et François Pichon, Synchroteam
  • Investment Bankers/M&A advisory : Effective Capital | Ilan Elbase & David Boccara

About Synchroteam

Synchroteam is a leading cloud-based field service management solution aimed at managing real-time mobile employees such as technicians, inspectors, service-oriented employees and investigators. Synchroteam delivers a complete, intuitive and affordable solution over the internet. Companies use Synchroteam to handle everything from customer management to scheduling, workforce optimization, parts management, invoicing and real-time customer and customer portal access.

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