Effective Capital and VentureOutNY wish to help French entrepreneurs discover the opportunities currently available in the city of New York. To do so, they have conceived VentureOutFrance, a journey which will takes place from 6 to 10 January, 2014, with the objective of benefitting from high-level meetings with investment funds, successful entrepreneurs and companies based there.

This will also be an opportunity to participate in the famous NY Tech Meetup (www.meetup.com/ny-tech/) where entrepreneurs rub shoulders with American investors.

To participate, companies must not have raised over 5 million dollars, be French and wish to move to New York or to open a branch there to cater to the American market.

The 10 companies invited will be selected by a board of experts composed of Jonathan Zisermann (ex-Mediastay, member of 50 Partners), Yohan Ruso (former DG of Ebay France, CEO of Priveal), Benjamin Hakoun (FittingBox) and Sébastien Mejean (Sojeans), and accompanied by Ilan Elbase (Effective Capital), who will also elect the candidates which will be offered a scheme worth 1200 euros per person by Effective Capital.

The objective of VentureOutNY is to promote the development of start-ups in the United States. In this framework, the entrepreneurs will be supported in taking the legal and logistical steps to move to New York and thus contribute to the influence of ‘Silicon Alley’.

“Why NYC rather than Silicon Valley? Effective Capital and VentureOutFrance are convinced that the Big Apple is a real platform for success. Investments in start-ups there are booming: they increased by 30% between 2007 and 2011 while they were down 10% over the same period in Silicon Valley”.

Ilan Elbase, founder of Effective Capital, explains: “Since the crisis of 2008 and the general growth in awareness of Neq York’s dependence on finance, the techno-information sector has become the second largest economic sector after Wall Street in NYC, and already has twice as many accelerators as in the Valley. We want this week to be a real springboard for the companies selected. Above all, we want to support them closely in the long term”.